for Medical/Dental Industries

Surgical Dental Microscope

6 step/zoom, inclinable head, two lighting system (white and yellow), very good ergonomics, video and digital camera for documentation.

Improved co-axial lighting and magnification are the obvious benefits of the Seiler Dental Microscope. There are additional benefits to microscope use in the areas of endodontics, oral surgeries, periodontics, restorative and implant dentistry.

Locate and cleanly prepare the canals, retrieve broken instruments, aids in identifying additional canals, aids in caries, imperfection, and abnormality detection.Provides an ergonomic posture during procedures limiting neck, back, and shoulder fatigue. Provides an ergonomic posture that will extend the working time without fatigue and help alleviate pain from bad posture.

Minimize the size of the incision at the surgical site to facilitate quick healing and patient comfort. Allows high quality restoration, placement of crowns, composite, amalgam, veneers, etc. Improves tooth and margin preparations, marginal fit and closer evaluation of marginal tissues. Improves diagnoses and precision in treatment, making difficult cases manageable.

Completely clean canals, reshape filling material, and contour implants for an accurate bite. Provide precision during suture placement and connective tissue grafts. Improves your ability to see, evaluate, diagnose, and operate at the surgical site more clearly.

Video and Digital Cameras can be adapted to fit the scope to provide better patient education, aids in assistant view, and provides documentation of procedures.