for Medical/Dental Industries


Automatic Sterilizer Class B+

  • Control panel with 4 buttons for easy programming of each operation
  • Activities displayed on LCD
  • State of the devices indicated by icons
  • Control of the physical characteristics of the cycles
  • Integral safety system to monitor every stage of the cycle and report any irregularities
  • Perform class B cycles (121 ° C - 134 ° C - 134 ° C B-Flash - 134 ° C Prion) and Bowie and Dick tests - Test Helix - Vacuum Test
  • Rapid Cycle B Flash can drastically reduce the time of sterilization for small loads of up to 0.5 kg
  • Direct connection to water mains quick release valves for loading and unloading of the water
  • Trays with three baskets to accommodate the material to be sterilized
  • 16 to 23 liter chamber volume
  • Automatic loading of the water in the tank with integrated pump
  • 3.65 liter tank volume load
  • Long battery life, for 10-12 cycles with a single load of distilled water
  • Low water consumption and energy
  • High uniformity, with uniform temperature and pressure throughout the sterilization chamber
  • Drying perfect
  • Compliant with En13060
  • 24 month warranty

Sterilization Sealing Machine

For sealing of the sterilization package

  • Power: 500W
  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Sealing width: 250mm
  • Indentation width: 10mm
  • Sealing temperature: 0-220 Deg C
  • Sealing Speed: 7.5 Meter/Minute
  • Package Size(L×W×H):
    430mm × 340mm × 250mm
  • Weight: 5 Kg

Water Distiller

  • Stable, Safe and Reliable
  • Easy operation
  • Power off automatically when tank get full or temperature over 160°C
  • The tank is made of stainless steel, which can prevent from eroding and easy to be cleaned.
  • Voltage: 220V/50Hz, Power rating:750W, Capacity: 5 lts, Distilled Volume:1Ltr
  • Net weight: 4Kg

UV Sterilizer

  • S.S. Chamber with 12 S.S Trays
  • Imported UV tube
  • Emits UV light (Germicidal in properties)
  • Effective tool for avoiding contamination of instruments once sterilized or autoclaved
  • Can maintain & preserve instruments for days without any fear of contamination
  • Door switch interlock prevents emission of UV light as soon as the chamber is opened to avoid any harmful effect on operator
  • Electronic circuit for instant start of tube