for Medical/Dental Industries

RVG / Digital Sensor: KRYSTAL-X

  • Digital imaging in all simplicity
  • High definition at reduced dose.
  • Leading edge technology that combines a leaded fibre optic plate, a high resolution CCD and a CSI scintillator screen, the Krystal-X is capable of acquiring high resolution quality images at low doses.
  • A portable system
  • The Krystal-X Easy sensor has been conceived to be integrated with your X-ray generator, while maintaining the possibility to quickly move it from one operatory to another. Thanks to its wall mount and integrated sensor support the practitioner can move the Krystal-X
  • Easy system in a quick and easy way and retain perfect working ergonomics.
  • Wonderful and easy to operate software with implant planning options


CCD + fibre optics + CSI scintillator
Sensor resolution
26.3 lp/mm
Active area
30 mm x 20 mm (600 mm²), 34 mm x 24 mm (816 mm²)