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Obturation Unit

Endodontic Obtura Unit - Endo Pex

  • Vertical condensation and back fill Obturation technique
  • Premium quality ,optimum functionality , user-friendly operation
  • Cordless, portable, light weight obturation system with stylish design reduces hand and wrist fatigue and add more precision to reach hard to reach canals
  • The most powerful and rapid heating control mechanism. It takes only 20 sec to reach 200 Deg C
  • Adjustable 3 temperature setting (Low/Medium/High)
  • Color-coded pen tips are available in various sizes
  • Convenient and reliable Obturation with predictable results
  • Excellent apical control over lateral and complicated root canals
  • Effectively liquefies and condenses root canal filling materials
  • Endopex consists of 2 individual Obturation devices. The first device in pen shape warm, soften spread and compact root canal filling material. The second device is the thermoplastic Obturation gun for back-fill treatment of root canal filling material used after cleaning and shaping of the canal.

Obturation unit-Vertical condensation

  • Wireless Obturation Device-Vertical condensation
  • Heating & Vibrating combined mode
  • Perfect filling of GP- Vertical compaction
  • Excellent in 3D root canal filling
  • Condensed gutta-percha to full obturation
  • Compact design for Easy Handling and Operating

Gutta Cut/G.P Cutter

  • Cordless device with interchangeable tips for fast, precise and safe cutting of excess G.P
  • The loop on the cutting tip provides easy access to the cavity and catches the excess gutta percha exactly at the canal orifice and precisely cuts it off.
  • The instrument is inserted cold, and by pressing the button the tip of the insert heats up instantly. When the button is released the tip cools down within seconds.
  • Fast recharging of the Ni-Cad power battery in the charging unit.

Stream Clean Ultra Sonic Irrigation system

  • The VPro™ StreamClean™ offers superlative, safe cleaning power through ultrasonic penetration of irrigants into dentinal tubules and other challenging anatomy.
  • The autoclavable nickel-titanium tip facilitates incredible access to ALL regions of the canal, from coronal to apical.
  • Better access means better cleaning.
  • Plus, you get greater safety with controlled, metered delivery through our ratcheting syringe


  • Versatile, Compact, Powerful, Easy-to-use and Lightweight
  • Detachable/fixed handpiece autoclavable
  • Scaling, perio , endo
  • Various ultrasonic tips (choice of endo or hygiene tips)