for Medical/Dental Industries

Loupes & LED Lights


  • Available in: 2.5x, 3.0x, 3.5x, 4.0x, 5.0x & 6.0x magnifications
  • Super achromatic lenses are used in every STAC loupe to provide you color corrected and aberration free image magnification.
  • Special Coating: Every STAC lens gets triple layer proprietary coating to create virtually reflection free lenses. These reflection free lenses create super field and super depth of view even under low light conditions.
  • Laser Aligned: Every STAC loupe is laser aligned to create sharpest image at your working distance
  • Ergonomic Design: Every STAC Loupe model is designed and developed keeping in mind maximum comfort and minimum working environment stress and strain for dentists, hygienists and surgeons.
  • Available in galileon and prismatic type (Flip up and TTL)

LED Lights

  • Highest intensity in its class
  • Pure white light for true color definition
  • LED lamp virtually never needs replacement
  • Battery pack design with twin output levels to attain maximum battery power efficiency.

  • 6 hours of use at level I and 4 hours of use at level II on a single charge
  • Variable light intensity control
  • STAC Power P100 Dental and Surgical LED light source attaches to many variety of loupes
  • Portable Head lamp weighs only 11 gms with 360 Degree rotating and 180 Degree tilting