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Enabling Better Interoperability for Healthcare

Realize returns from your existing technology investments and deliver better patient care through the secure use and exchange of health information using Divine healthcare integration services.

Cancer Center

Integration Services

Acquiring interactivity for a wide range of complex data has always been a challenge for the health care industry. Being a health care IT integration service provider with deep domain expertise, we can help you address health care interoperability issues effectively to enable smooth data exchange between the systems. Through our knowledge of the rules, standards and essential toolets, we are helping technology vendors, providers and colleagues in their journey towards the interoperability of healthcare vendors.

Health Integration

The Health Integration is our unique framework for faster integration. Using our framework, we can build a simple ‘plug and play’ connector that would allow your system to connect with multiple systems, without having to worry about the implementation.

Integrate easily with:


LAB Systems

Imaging Systems

Dermatology Systems

Document Management

Clinical Decision Systems