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    Health insurance is a type of insurance that fully or partially covers
    an individual's medical and surgical expenses.

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Healthcare software product companies have to stay ahead in the technology race to build market-relevant, compliant and quality products. Check out how Divine IT & Healthcare can help you in this continuously evolving landscape.


With the challenges in the INDIA healthcare industry today in terms of regulatory requirements and a constant need to follow up for payments, Providers, unfortunately, are spending more time on paperwork than patient care.


With the complexity of the INDIA healthcare ecosystem, intermediaries such as medical clearing houses, RCM/Billing companies, financial clearing houses and HIE play an important role in connecting providers and payers.


Payers require real-time collaboration with providers today, more than ever. With the rising changes and varieties in insurance plans, healthcare payer organizations have to provide rapid and quality services to stay ahead of its competition.

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Developing trans-formative healthcare technology requires not just technology expertise, but established processes and a deep understanding of healthcare work-flows. From concept to deployment, we Provide comprehensive services that cater to different aspects of your product life-cycle needs.


For innovative business models to succeed, they have to be backed by robust technology. With the right mix of people, processes & technology, we help our clients build and enhance custom healthcare applications cost effectively with a faster turn-around.


Testing healthcare applications is not just about meeting quality standards but equally about ensuring regulatory, security and data privacy compliance. On board a technical and domain expert to address these challenges on time and on budget.


Whether you are a technology vendor, payer, provider or an intermediary, stay focused on your core business. With our maintenance services, avoid unplanned downtimes, and improve reliability and user experience of your IT applications at a fraction of the original cost.

Healthcare Services


Service Enquiry is available from many programs in the Tire Dealer System and allows you to inquire into IT & Healthcare Services information. It is one of the most used programs in the system.

Service inquiry allows a user to check for inventory on hand at your store and at select other locations.


Disinfectant & Cleaning Agent

Disinfectant, any substance, such as creosote or alcohol, applied to inanimate objects to kill microorganisms.

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Appointments, EMR, Pharmacy, Lab, Account, Mobile App for Patients. Website Integration for Online Reports, Report PDF downloaded on SMS. Cloud-Based Software.

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Medical Equipments &
Medical Device on Rent

Medical Equipment Rental Providers in India. Get contact details and address of Medical Equipment Rental firms and companies

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Surgical Disposable

Surgical Disposables. We provide a wide range of Surgical Disposables that are used for various surgical procedures in medical industry and highly demanded all across the global market.

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Printing & Stationery

We supply printed files and other stationery to hospitals as per their needs. The product of our company is available in different sizes, colors and many more specifications.

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Security System

Security service in a hospital is a service responsible for ensuring the security and safety of the hospital plant, personnel, patients and public as well as regulating the traffic within the hospital premises.

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Dialysis Fluid

Dialysis Fluid. Dialysate is the fluid that is used in dialysis to adjust the extracellular fluid composition and to maintain body homeostasis.

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Fire Safety System

A Fire Safety System (FSS) refers to all the means used to detect, inform, intervene or evacuate a public access building (PAB) in the event of a fire. Installing a type of FSS in a facility is determined by the Safety Committee or by the facility’s Safety Regulations.

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