for Medical/Dental Industries

Photon Series Diode Laser

  • Available in 3 & 10 Watts (810 & 980nm)
  • Touch Screen Monitor with password protection.
  • 22 preset treatment programs
  • Facility to create, modify new/old programs
  • Wireless foot control
  • User friendly software for more precision and faster surgery
  • Long hours battery back up
  • Built up tutorials for first time laser users as guide for efficient usage
  • 3 years warranty

Packing: Laser unit, safety goggles, spool fiber/multiple tip fiber, fiber tips, carrying case


Soft Tissue Surgery Incision & Excision, Frenectomy, Operculectomy, Gingivectomy, Fibroma Removal, Aphthous/Ulcers, Implant Recovery, Gingival Incisions, Dentine Vitrification.

Implantology Radiation of Tooth Surface, Exposure of Transgingival Healing Implants, Surgical Peri-Implantitis Therapy, Implant Recovery

Therapy Abscess, Desensitization, Sterilization of Wound Therapy, Apicectomy: Spongiosa Therapy, Aphthae, Gingivitis.

Endodontic Decontamination of Root Canals, Crown Lengthening, Cavity Sterilization, Pulpotomy

Aesthetics Bleaching of Teeth