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Dental X-Ray - Intraoral Radiology System

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Class 1 type B (EN 60601-1)
Power supply
210/240V at 50/60 Hz
HF generator
65 kV, 7 mA constant potential
Focal spot size
0.8 mm (IEC 336)
Exposure time
From 0.02 to 3.00 sec (by steps of 0.01 sec)
Microprocessor-controlled timer
- Tooth type settings
- Patient anatomy settings.
6 pre-programmed exposure time tables
- D, E and F film types
- Digital systems: CCD and C MOS sensors, Phosphor Storage Plates
- 1 configurable exposure time table
Distance focal spot to skin
20 cm
Circular collimator
55 mm diameter
Rectangular collimator
45 x 35 mm
Extension arm
30, 60, and 80 cm
Remote timer (cable up to 15 m)